Precision Wire Saw Technology

A wire saw is the preferred instrument for cutting very thin wafers of different materials while minimizing cut loss and retaining rigid standards.  The technology has been in use since the 1960's; however, it has progressively been improved by using thinner wire, diamond impregnated wire, and more precise wire-feed mechanisms.  A schematic of the saw used by Kerf Industries is shown below.

A schematic of the wire saw design used by Kerf Industries (from Kao and others, 1997).

Kerf Industries uses a single wire, reel-to-reel saw that utilizes a tangential cutting system.  This allows more pressure to be applied to the cutting area, enabling a more precise cut and less waste.  The width of the diamond-impregnated wire is either 0.003" (width of a human hair) or 0.005" and its use depends on the type of material to be sliced.  Our saw can handle a sample size up to 9" in width.

Single Wire Saw used by Kerf Industries

The single wire, reel-to-reel precision wire saw used by Kerf Industries.